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C|E|D|E|E|S®: Centre for Excellence in Dental Entrance Examinations

"The idea of education is to unsettle the minds of the young and inflame their intellects"
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Welcome to C|E|D|E|E|S®

C|E|D|E|E|S®,is an educational institute which provides a comprehensive 15 month long classroom coaching for post graduate aspirants in the field of dentistry. C|E|D|E|E|S , since last NINE years has nurtured hundreds of aspiring MDS students who have either completed or are pursuing their post graduation in colleges all over India. What once began as a small group of 7 students, today, is a family, to more than a thousand students.

Our pattern of teaching is unique as we believe in a diagonally integrated application based system of education where a basic subject goes hand in hand with the applied clinical subject as opposed to memory based learning. We conduct rigorous tests, exhaustive discussions and self-evaluations on a regular basis. A healthy, jovial and a competitive atmosphere is maintained which boosts enthusiasm of the students. Tests are conducted based on patterns of various MDS Entrance Exams for e.g. AIIMS, AIPG, KCET, COMEDK,AP-PG,MH-CET and various state entrance exams.

We believe in helping the students unlock the genius in themselves by providing personalized, student-centered guidance. We attend to all our students individually and help them sail through the highs and lows of this difficult phase of their lives. We believe in active learning than in just the passive acquiring of information

At C|E|D|E|E|S®, We believe in active learning than in just the passive acquiring of information

First of all i thank almighty for letting me into the CEDEES family;-) "CEDEES" A BEAUTIFUL HOME.One of the best parts of my academic carrier was the day when i met DR.RAISON SIR..:-) When A MIRACLE happened in my path, then it will surely happen for you too..
.RAISON sir's passion towards teaching is the one which took all of us to such a good position; He is not only a teacher, but also a very good care taker, a wonderful mentor with so much of positive vibes, If one has to be a successful, if one wants their dreams come true,they really need "good guidance,strong motivation, consistent support which will be available from sir always.That will definitely take you to such a magical world(YOUR DREAM WORLD )
Once again I thank you so much SIR for "TRANSFORMING MY DREAM INTO REALITY"
-----Dr. Anusuya ( AIPG 35th Rank, 2014 )

What make me to get through entrance examination?

I can say it is faith, which i learned in a temple called CEDEES. CEDEES is not only the centre of excellence for dental entrance examination, it is the centre where we can learn positivity, courage etc.......As a good teacher, a good friend Dr.Raison sir helped me in all my difficulties. His way of teaching and his powerful blessings gave me the next best part of my life MDS. Thank you my dear Raison sir.
" CEDEES lighting everyone's life with smile ????.

-----Dr. Bharath Raj ( AIPG 68th Rank, 2014)

First of all I want to pass my sincere thanks to RAISON sir and CEDEES for his guidance and giving me confidence of believe in myself without which it is not possible for me to clear this exam in first attempt.
Consistency, Hard work and Study tips given by sir are the main keys for my success. Just remember "If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it".

-----Dr. Rekha Goyal ( AIPG 69th Rank, 2014 )

Iam very thankful to god and my sir Dr.Raison Thomas for helping me achieving this. WhenI first came to CEDEES, this result was very far from me, and i always dreamt of a single digit rank, but i didn t know how to prepare. I used to do hard work, but sir guided me how to prepare in a proper way, which helped me fulfill my dream. I just prepared my mind to do what sir said to do andhard work never fails, it's human tendency to worry about what the result would be, but your hard work will definitely fetch u what u deserve.

Thank you so much CEDEES..

-----Dr. Spurthi Reddy (1st rank AP-PG,2014)

Words have never failed me and yet I m at a loss for ones that can aptly describe my experience at CEDEES.
The kind of meticulous and comprehensive preparation that we underwent here was what separated us from the rest of the students and was responsible for the humungous success that the students of CEDEES have seen. The lectures, the rapid fire questions, the sheer volume of papers that we solved, the discussions, the amount of knowledge that flowed in every class was what gave us a definite edge over others. But more than all that, the one single reason for a million dreams to have come true is Raison sir. I consider myself beyond blessed to have been his student because the kind of teaching, the kind of attention to detail and the unbelievable amount of patience that Sir has is impossible to find anywhere else. But what I have learnt is that the single most important reason that makes sir what he is, is that he actually cared about what each one of us was going through, believed in us even we ourselves didn t, made us into a little family and taught us that nothing is impossible, however clich d that may sound.
From being the scared, under-confident person who had never heard of a place called Davangere to being the person I am today, has been a short yet the most enriching journey of my life. CEDEES will always be my home away from home.

-----Dr. Divya Naik (1st rank AMUPMDC, 1st rank KLE, 2nd rank MH-CET, 2nd rank KCET,26TH rank COMEDK,2014)

Joining CEDEES gave a new direction to my life. Here we learned to know how to dream, believe in it and put our efforts in a right way to turn them into reality. I sincerely thank god for making me able to meet RAISON SIR , the man who gave me the confidence to believe in myself and recognize my potentials. The well planned subject wise revisions and regular tests helps even an average student to master the subject and make you all prepared for any entrance.
I must definitely say the knowledge which RAISON SIR gave me during the preparation made me a better dentist and the guidance and counseling given made me a better person who looks at life with positive attitude. Thank you so much RAISON SIR for making my dreams come true.

-----Dr.Manasa Kothapalli ( 1st Rank COMEDK,2014 )

Praise The Lord.) CEDEES not only transforms life... it shows the way,gives new hope, lifts towards the ambition....makes the dream real... Here i got motivation which improves self-confidence, changes the attitudeand positive energy not only towards studies but also about life....RAISON sir my mentor , care taker ,who makes even the community dentistry as an interesting subject...: ) his classes gave new revelation of the subjects... and the SHORT STORIES in class boost up the energy level..
Understanding the concepts., proper way of learning , the atmosphere in the institute ,small small discussion with friends. Revision test series in CEDEES helps to perform well in both state and AIPGEE ..
Though it seems hopeless, journey towards unknown destiny, depressions during the preparation, the end is happiness, priceless moments which makes to forget all the pain...: )

-----Dr. Cathrine Diana ( 5th Rank AIPG, 2nd Rank COMEDK,2014 )

I would first like to thank my parents for their support at every step of my life and next Dr.Raison Sir for his guidance and motivation through the coaching period, finally i would like to thank god for showering his blessings upon me... the entire year that i had spent in CEDEES was a well scheduled program. Especially the methodology of teaching and the way Raison Sir interact with us and give us the moral support in each n every class was extraordinary... that is what kept me going throughout the year to finally achieve my goal...

-----Dr. Pradeep Reddy (2nd Rank APPG,2014)

Joining CEDEES is the first step of success in getting my rank...I'm very thankful to Raison sir and my parents for their support ....
Though it's student hard work and dedication which 's important in reaching the goal it 's made easier by Raison sir continuous guidance.... whenever we are deflated and depressed before exams his words made us confident in facing entrance exams ......
Thank u so much Raison sir :)

-----Dr. Navyatha (4th Rank APPG,2014)


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Welcome to C|E|D|E|E|S ®

"The Idea of Education is to Unsettle the Minds of the Young and Inflame their Intellects"